WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

ITAM Sales Process

  1. The ITAM is responsible for sourcing and reaching out to their own leads. In the event wherein the there is a conflicting lead, whichever sales channel secures the first paid order will receive credit for the account.
  1. If the lead requests samples, the Independent Contractor will work to pair down our selection of over 60 flavors to no more than 10 samples that the lead would be willing to try and carry.
  1. The ITAM will log into BanzaiVaporsWholesale.com, select the samples requested and ship them directly to the lead’s business address. The ITAM will use discount code ITAM for free shipping at checkout.
  1. Confirmation of and tracking for the order will be sent directly to the ITAM to ensure delivery.
  1. The Independent Contractor will follow up with the lead. In the event that the lead would like to become a wholesale customer for Banzai Vapors, the ITAM will visit BanzaiVaporsWholesale.com/pages/wholesale-inquiry and complete the Wholesale Inquiry Form making sure to put their ITAM ID number in the field labeled “How did you hear about us?”
  1. Within 2 business day, the lead will have a wholesale account created and a password sent for logging in. The now Banzai Vapors Wholesale Customer may order as they wish.
  1. The primary contact for account maintenance will continue to be the Independent Contractor. Banzai Vapors will act as a support for the Independent Contractor questions and requests or advance questions by the customer.