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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.

Smok Stick Basic Kit Review

Smok recently came out with a new starter kit and we at Banzai got our hands on it. They're calling it the "Stick One Kit". They do have two models, the basic and the plus versions. For this review we're discussing the basic kit. 

You get the device itself as well as the following:

1 x 0.3 coil

1 x 0.25 coil

1 x SMOK vape band (to protect your tank)

1 x Tank cap

1 x USB charger

1 x Nano TFV4 tank 

1 x 18650 eGo "Cloud Battery" (2200 maw)

1 x Bag of spare O-Rings

The tank is made of glass and stainless steel and holds a decent amount of liquid at a 2ml capacity. For the newer vaper, 2ml of e-liquid should last a little while. Anytime you do need to fill the tank it is very to accomplish. You can just slide the top cap over and load up with your favorite e-liquid. 

The device is very light and compact and should fit in most pockets, bags or purses with ease. It's also pretty durable, despite it's weight, so it should be able to take normal wear and tear abuse. The battery life is also a big plus with those just getting into vaping as it should last a full day. When you do go to recharge the device, it's a easy with the included USB charger.

Flavor wise the Stick One performs well and wicks great with no dry hits. We tested this mod with our own Never Say Pie, an 80% VG e-liquid and it performed great and had decent cloud production. There are 4 air flow settings as well, so you can setup a wide open draw, a tight one or you can select a medium setting. 

Overall, this is a great introductory option for a new vaper or someone who's looking for reliable travel device. If you'd like to swing over to Smok's website to learn even more about this kit, click here. We're offering this on our website here for $34.99!

-Nick Chappell 
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Gerry - April 2, 2016

I got one of these and it hits WAY TOO HARD. I adjusted the air flow and all. When I draw it I almost gagged. Going to get a different one.

Nick Chappell - March 31, 2016

Sorry for the late response! I think it’s a great beginning mod. I wish there was something as easy to use as this when I started vaping 4 years ago. It might be a bit foreign at first, learning how to fill the tank and when to change the coils, but there are so many helpful videos online to where that should not be an issue. Let me know if you decided to get one!

Sandra - March 21, 2016

Is this a good starter kit for a complete beginner? I’m just getting into vaping and there are a LOT of options!

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