WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Banzai Vapors is to offer a unique experience through all of our high quality e-liquid lines at a fair price to wholesalers and retail consumers online. We seek to promote a fun atmosphere through our products and branding. Our number one goal is to provide unmatched customer service throughout the entire industry.


Company History

Banzai Vapors, LLC was founded by owners Brandon Beauchesne, Joseph Howe, Marc Jarrett and Jonathan Etter in 2012. All four partners worked in a call center as sales associates for a major entertainment service provider. When calls started to slow down the members found themselves needing to find a way to supplement their income. 

Brandon, having some interest in mixology had already been DIY mixing his own flavors for personal use was presented the opportunity by Joseph to make a career out of what had previously been a hobby and a way to save money. The decision was made by Joseph and Brandon to bring on Jonathan for his outstanding design work and branding skill set. Marc was then added to the mix for his understanding of customer relations and willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done.

They began to produce on a very small scale selling liquids to friends, family and co-workers. After 4 months the company began producing on a larger scale for local shops and by 6 months the company had started spreading slowly across the United States. 

Even with the rapid success the company has seen in the first two years Banzai Vapors, LLC still remains a small-family type owned environment.


Location and Facility

Our headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Lakewood, WA. 


Products and Services

Banzai Vapors offers e-liquid for a wide range of users, from novice to expert enthusiasts. Banzai Vapors is currently comprised of seven lines:

  • True/Select: 19 e-liquids consisting of one flavoring ingredient; e.g. Strawberry, Vanilla Custard, Tobacco, etc. This line was conceptualized for users to create their own blends and provide them with a “mix it yourself” experience. This line is also attractive to users who are seeking basic flavor profiles. True is packaged in glass bottles with eye-dropper caps.
  • DYNASTY: 15 of our most popular Banzai Original flavors reformulated and repackaged in glass bottles with eye-dropper caps to cater to advanced vapers who are seeking more vapor production and a “top-shelf” experience.
  • VG High: 7 proprietary blends designed specifically for the most experienced users. The formula of these e-liquids provide the highest vapor production of all Banzai Vapors products, and they are packed in glass bottles with eye-dropper caps.
  • Spirit of Vapor: 3 proprietary blends designed to be paired with adult beverages. The flavors are formulated to taste great on their own but also to enhance the corresponding adult beverage. These flavors are packaged in glass bottles with eye-dropper caps.
  • Active: 3 proprietary flavors, each one designated to a specific Pro Vape Advocacy Group. These flavors are amazing and a healthy portion of each bottle sold is donated to the corresponding Pro Vape Advocacy Group. Groups that are partnered with are The Pink Lung Brigade, The American Vaping Association and Not Blowing Smoke. 
  • Seasons: 12 flavors total, that are split up to have 3 flavors for each season. As palates change depending on the season, so will the flavors that are available. These flavors are packaged in glass bottles with eye-dropper caps.

All Banzai Vapors, LLC e-liquids are carefully crafted in a dedicated lab space. All ingredients aside from nicotine are considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe for human consumption) by the FDA. Banzai Vapors is a great product for anyone interested or thinking of making the switch from traditional cigarettes.