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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.

Interview with GoreGore Britnee

In our third interview of this series we have GoreGore Britnee. She's been making helpful vape videos and juice reviews on Youtube for over 2 years. She's also a huge horror movie fan and a self-admitted nerd. Let's learn a little more about her and how she got into vaping!


Banzai: Thanks for taking some time to talk to us. Tell us a little about yourself.

Britnee: I really enjoy horror films. My favorites are Italian Giallos (horror films made in Italy in the 1970’s) because of the ridiculously amazing mustaches and cheesy music and SFX. I love reading textbooks because I’m an ultra-nerd, and hiking. I am left handed, I drink nothing but water, and I’m the clumsiest person you will ever meet. I’m also 5’8, and constantly have people meet me and flip out because they get the impression I’m very short. Not in this lifetime, guys. I literally can’t ride escalators because I don’t know what direction is up or down when I get off of them and they seem so dangerous (I mean come on, you can’t say you haven’t thought about getting sucked into one?). This is getting weird, so I’ll move on. On Youtube I do hardware reviews, horror film reviews, Dysautonomia awareness videos, blooper reels, and beginner videos. I also do written liquid reviews on my website and Instagram. 

Banzai: How long did you smoke cigarettes?

Britnee: I started smoking when I was 16 (I know, bad), and quit due to vaping when I was about 21 years old. Two packs a day at my worst and they were Marlboro menthols. 

Banzai: Once you started vaping, what was your first setup?

Britnee: It was a Smok tank with an eGo pen battery. I can’t believe I quit on that considering what people have today. I quit on 24mg of nicotine too!  

Banzai: How long have you been vaping?

Britnee: I’ve been vaping for 3 years this fall.  

Banzai: What made you decide to make videos about vaping?

Britnee: When I started vaping, it wasn’t super popular. There wasn’t a vape shop for 200 miles around me. After I got my setup, people in my usual smoking areas wanted one too. Instead of explaining how to use it, where to buy it to 30 people, 
I decided I would figure out how to use Youtube and post a video there so people could watch that and hear it again if needed. After that I just kept doing it because I saw how many complete strangers it helped. I’m all about helping people, especially if it’s helping them quit something that can be so deadly. 

Banzai: What is your favorite flavor from Banzai? 

Britnee: Definitely 
Sher’nuff and Bat Country.

Banzai: Where can we see more of you?

Britnee: Well I creep around Instagram (@GoreGoreBritnee) 
all day long. You can also find me on Facebook. If that’s not enough you can also find me on Youtube.  And FINALLY, for liquid reviews and a list of my favorite things, check out my website.


We want to thank GoreGore for taking the time to answer some questions and for all the work she does for the vape community. If you missed it, we had Britnee on our Youtube show last fall, which you can check out here. We'll be posting another interview this Thursday, so stay tuned! 

-Nick Chappell 
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Nick Chappell - May 10, 2016

We love her too! Thanks for reading.

Ashley - May 10, 2016


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