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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.

Interview with Nicole Lillie


In the final interview for our Customer Appreciation spotlight, we spoke with Nicole Lillie. Nicole has been vaping for quite a while after a long battle to quit cigarettes. She also went to high school with one of Banzai's owners, Brandon Beauchesne! Let's find out about her struggle to finally kick cigarettes and how her friends and family view vaping.


Banzai: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Nicole: I'm Nicole, I'm 31 years old and I live in Tacoma, WA. I've have some hobbies and vaping is one of them!

Banzai: How long did you smoke cigarettes?

Nicole: Like a lot of smokers, I began smoking when I was a teen, at the age of 15. I continued for many years until I began my quit/start/quit/ cycles around the age of 20-the longest "quit" being 2 years. I used everything from nicotine gum, to patches to cold turkey. Nothing stuck. 

Banzai: What was your first setup?

Nicole: An eGo Twist with a carto, with the "as close to a real cig" as possible gas station flavors.

Banzai: How long have you been vaping?

Nicole: I've been vaping for around 5 years.

Banzai: How do you view the vape industry?

Nicole: I see the vaping industry as being in a really unique position-it's got the ability to do so much good, but is fighting against an establishment that is set up against the "little guy". There is an opportunity within this market to innovate. This industry is home to so many passionate people with the drive, brains, heart and creativity. It's incredibly heartening to see the vaping for health movements that have sprung up within the community, bringing people together to stand up for ourselves. 

Banzai: How do your friends and family view vaping?

Nicole: Most of my family and acquaintances viewed the vaping industry with a lot of suspicion and incredulity. I feel like before I became more passionate about vaping as a viable alternative to smoking, people around me, smokers included, felt like vaping was too unnatural or possibly dangerous. As I learned more, I shared more and converted people as I went. Vapevangelism is fun!

Banzai: What's your favorite Banzai Vapors flavor?

Nicole: That is a tough one. My first loves were Star Spangled Bananer, Twinkin' of You and Gu-Kake. Over the years I've accumulated a few flavors I always have in rotation, and as you guys have added to your lines, I've added more to my rotation. When the High VG line came out, I was stoked and fell hard for Fairies and Cream, VHS and Bat Country. Currently I am never without a bottle of Pinky Swear, from the Active Collection. It's amazing and contributes to the cause!

Banzai: Why did you choose to vape Banzai?

Nicole: I didn't really choose Banzai, I think Banzai chose me. I had been vaping basically bathtub juices and found out about a vape meet. An old high school friend, Brandon and his company were going to be at the meet, so I went. I was more excited about seeing him again than about vaping, but I quickly found how awesome a vape meet could be. The Banzai crew hooked us up with some flavors. I tore into the bottles and was immediately smitten. I told Brandon how impressed I was and he graciously let me sample the whole line. It really opened my eyes and palate to what a good juice company can provide, it made me a customer for life!


So that's it! Thanks for reading and learning a bit more about some fellow Banzai customers. I hope it was enjoyable! Thank you to everyone we interviewed for this series.

-Nick Chappell 
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