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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.

6 Astounding Facts the FDA Doesn't Want The Courts To Know About

“The Court need not sift through this evidence, however, because Congress entrusted the decision whether to supervise tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to the expert judgment of the FDA.” 

- Lawyers Representing the FDA

That's a big red flag if I've ever seen one. This statement sounds like something Dr. Evil would say if he ever saw his day in court. Here's 6 Facts that the FDA so conveniently left out of it's response to the vaping lawsuits served up by Nicopure, LLC.


1. The FDA claimed that vaping is being used by more than 13% of high school students, eclipsing traditional cigarette use

FACT: The number of high school students who smoke regular cigarettes is at an all time low. Also, the 13% number is being skewed by how the FDA defines it's users. In the test studies the students we're considered "users" of vape products if they had only tried vaping once within a 30 day window.

2. The FDA told the courts that vaping is being marketed to help smokers quit but there's not enough evidence to back up these claims

FACT: There are an estimated 9 million vapers world wide. Nearly 3 million of those vapers live in the United States. Around 6 million people in Europe have quit smoking cigarettes by switching to vaping. Public Health England (England's equivalent to the FDA) is telling people who still smoke to switch to vaping.

3. FDA claims that nicotine is the most addictive substance known to man

FACT: There are several studies showing that nicotine unattached to burning tobacco is not nearly as addictive. One study shows that it is very difficult to get rats to become addicted through vaping and very easy for the rats to become addicted through smoking. There are more studies showing the benefits of nicotine now that the means of delivery are up to 95% safer than traditional tobacco. BONUS FACT: The FDA doesn't know what heroin is.

4. Vaping can deliver other toxic and carcinogenic  chemicals like formaldehyde and nickel

FACT: An old study from the FDA found that when you "dry burn" the coil and cotton on a personal vaporizer, the user can be exposed to the chemicals. Dry burning is something every vaper tries to avoid and new vaping technology has actually reduced the risk of dry burning. Also, the FDA used vaporizers that were being sold nearly a decade ago to conduct this study.

5. Vaporizers have exploded in users’ faces causing burns and lost teeth

Fact: Exploding devices is a cause of older vaporizers and inexperienced users using the wrong types of batteries. Although any battery operated device has risks (like cell phones), new generation vapor products have become safer. The FDA is also making it illegal for stores to educate their customers on proper use of vaping products.

6. Ingredients of e-liquids are largely unknown

FACT: There are only 4 basic ingredients contained in any quality e-liquid. PG and VG have been approved by the FDA since the 1930's. Nicotine ranging from 1.8% to 0% per milliliter in most e-liquids is a fraction of the amount of nicotine consumed in one cigarette. Food flavoring is used to enhance the flavor of the PG/VG nicotine base. Food flavoring companies have even gone as far to remove any compounds in the flavorings that proposed any sort of health risk specifically for vaping. This information is literally one google search away for anyone who wants to know.

These statements are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to this type of misinformation about vaping. Are you staying educated and teaching others about smokeless alternatives? Drop us a line to let us know your thoughts.

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Nayyer Mahmood - August 25, 2016

That is why I suggested Banzai persuade 100 store owners to file class action lawsuit with jury trial. A lot of truth would come out and constitutional infringements of FDA would be exposed.
Nayyer Mahmood
Liberty Vapors

Ken - August 25, 2016

That is what the FDA is banking on, there false information, the more lies they can put out the better they look, they claim to have done test on mods and ejuice but will not tell anyone what mod they have in there possession and who’s ejuice they tested that was labeled 0 nicotine and they claim it did have nicotine. Nothing but bullshit that’s all the FDA has.

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