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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.

Big Changes to Banzai Vapors!

We've undergone some changes here at Banzai that we'd like to share with everyone! One big change you'll notice is that we going all plastic! All of the products we carry on our site will be in high quality "chubby" style bottles.

We've also added new collections to better represent our lines, added some new flavors and will be adding much more throughout 2018. With all these changes, one thing we kept the same is the flavors themselves. We know you've come to love what we offer on our site and in the stores across the country, so your favorite flavors were left unchanged!  

You might have noticed that certain flavors are no longer available on our website. Some of these flavors will be re-released in just a few weeks time, as we're putting the finishing touches on the artwork and packaging. Stay tuned to our social media channels for when we launch new products!

First up, we've rebranded Banzai Select to Really Good Juice Co. In addition to the 13 flavors Banzai Select had, we've added Fruit Menthol & Sweet Melon to the new lineup. These 15 flavors will come in both 30mL and 60mL plastic bottles.

Three longstanding tobacco flavors have been incorporated into what is now The Tobacco Box. Golden Leaf, Ronin's Reserve & Scorpion are only available in 60mL plastic bottles.The Cake Shoppe is a new brand we've launched that will house some of the best tasting cake flavors you've ever had. Currently 'Pound It' (one of our best selling flavors of all time) is the only flavor in this line, but we'll be adding more flavors very soon. 

We're also opening up a delicious line of sherbet flavored liquids, under the Sherbet Creamery brand. Our first flavor in this line is a crowd pleasing fruit sherbet, with more flavors to follow later in 2018.

We've also moved flavors into what's now called the Banzai Originals collection. These flavors make up some of Banzai Vapors' best selling flavors of all time and best represent the Banzai brand.

One thing that hasn't changed is our 5 best selling flavors. Milk Plus, Bite Me, Fairies & Cream, Wondermelon and Why So Serious will continue to be sold in 60mL plastic bottles and will be listed on our site as Best Sellers.

Sadly, some flavors will no longer be available as we've decided they do not live up to the standard that we hold our brands to. Effective immediately the following flavors are no longer available:  Agromelon, Bloomberry, Double Rainbow, First Crush, Futterbinger, Hibernate, Raz & Shine, Snow Bird, Summit Kiss, Tricky Alchemy and Twinkin' of You.

Stay tuned, as we will run a limited time clearance on some of the above flavors that we have discontinued. We are sorry if we've removed one of your favorite flavors, but hope you understand the business decisions we must make and hope you're able to find a new favorite flavor with us!

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