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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.

Vaping and Camping

Cigarette smokers tend to run into several problems while camping. Many of them run out of their need for nicotine or they litter a great majority of their cigarette butts around the beautiful, natural scenery. A cigarette butt can take anywhere between 18 months to 10 years to fully decompose as noted by KAB, Keep America Beautiful. This is because the white cotton part of the cigarette butt is actually cellulose acetate, which takes a very long time to degrade in the environment. Tar is built up on the cigarette butt, while smoking and littering cigarette butts can cause toxins to leak into waterways, soil, and damage living organisms that come into contact with it.  

Vaping means NO Littering!

For those who vape, no cigarette butts are littered afterwards. This is because one primary device is used and refilled as the vaper puffs throughout the day. This creates a less damaging effect on the environment and ecosystem than smokers. Now you can enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, or just being out in nature, without causing harm to the environment.

Battery Life VS Cigarette Lighters

It is true; a cigarette lighter can last for quite some time, ensuring a smoker a light every time he or she needs a smoke. However, the same guarantee can be prepared for by individuals who vape. Multiple batteries can be pre-charged in order to ensure enough battery life for vaping. Alternative sources of energy can be brought out as well, which includes portable chargers, crank charging units, or even solar powered charging units. 

Enjoying a Variety

Most cigarette smokers typically stick to their “flavor” of cigarette. Whether it may be menthol or non-menthol, cigarette smokers typically stick to one type of cigarette.  However, individuals who vape are able to bring a variety of flavors to enjoy while camping or just enjoying nature while outdoors. Bringing multiple flavors of juice for your vaporizer while camping can make the experience much more enjoyable between morning hikes and evening bonfires. 

Packing Efficiency and Quantity

If camping for extended periods of time, such as upwards to one or two weeks, a personal vaporizer will allow the individual the access they need to their nicotine for the duration of their trip. This is because the devices used to vape from and the juice itself are extremely portable, easy to pack, and take up little to almost no room. Cigarette smokers will have to estimate their daily nicotine intake and then provide the amount of cigarettes that they will need for extended camping trips, which can require a carton or more. This leads to less space for camping items, the possibility of the carton becoming smashed or ruined or irritability from running out of cigarettes too soon.


-Alden Morris
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