August Giveaway - CONTEST OVER

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Ritzy_vapes - August 31, 2017

Would love to buy a sample pack or shirt to promote on ig

Merrie - August 27, 2017

I ordered a bottle but I still hope I win.

Darlene Mecimore - August 22, 2017

Thanks for sponsoring our vape group Wild Vape contests/giveaways…we have a lots of members and your vape store is new to us..hope to try your juice very soon

Jennifer - August 9, 2017

I hope I win because I love your juices!!! So good

Desiree Hall - August 3, 2017

Finger crossed haven’t been able to try bonzai vapors yet really looking forward to it

Deewar - August 2, 2017

Fingers crossed, love many others never went for friuty…love River float, hibernate. …

Amy Wolfe - August 1, 2017

Yes please

Melissa Partida - August 1, 2017

Ive been vaping almost 4 yrs and still havent tried Pound it. This must be corrected!

Chris Kasingsing - August 1, 2017

I just want try to enter giveaway.

MICHAEL S DAVIS - August 1, 2017

Just wanted to enter the giveaway…love the Banzai Select Vanilla Custard

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