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Chris Kasingsing - November 27, 2017

Thank you for holiday weekend. And big sales came up. Hopefully more sales to come… good luck guys! God bless…

Sharon E Summerford - November 27, 2017

I would be humbled to win this competition. I would give this to my only grandson… I can’t afford to buy him a gift… Wouldn’t he just think I was Grandma of the year… LOL

Ute Hofmann - November 25, 2017

Thanks for the chance to participate

Sunney Johnson - November 24, 2017

You Guys are Truly Amazing! With All of the Competitions, Toy Drives, Delicious Juices, Fabulous Accessories and Mods. Thank You for this Incredible Opportunity but Most Importantly Thank You for Saving Countless Lives ? #Vapeonfriends #vapingsavedmylife #banzai

Arrianna L. Reeves - November 24, 2017

My first giveaway entry. Love the incentive plans guys. Keep it up.

Andrew - November 24, 2017

whoa…. discounts and giveaways…. that’s why i keep coming back. plus the juices are great

Christopher - November 23, 2017

Thanks for the spot

Rene' Lopez - November 23, 2017

Thanks for the chance to participate…

Reida Williams - November 23, 2017

Thank you for this great opportunity to win one of your fabulous giveaways. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kerry Hutnick - November 21, 2017

I love Banzaii Thanks for all that you do and for what you are doing for the kids! You rock! xoxoxo :)

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