Pink Lung Brigade with Active Collection

When it comes to vape activism there is only one advocacy group who is relentless and passionate enough to win every battle that they have fought. And without their tireless efforts over the most recent legislative session the Active Collection may never have seen light. It is without question that Banzai Vapors owes its continued existence to the next partner to be represented in the Active Collection, the Pink Lung Brigade.

The Pink Lung Brigade (PLB) is a grass roots vape advocacy group and a non-profit organization that fights for vapers’ rights. Based in Washington State, the Pink Lung Brigade travels everywhere from the state capital, to city councils to ensure vapers’ voices are heard. The Pink Lung Brigade works with lobbyist, senators, and representatives to campaign against unjust legislation.

We will be announcing the flavor profile and providing more information on how you can support the Pink Lung Brigade through the Active Collection on September 14th. Please stay tuned to, Facebook@BanzaiVapors, and Instagram @BanzaiVapors. If you would like to find out more about the Pink Lung Brigade, please visit, follow them on Facebook@PinkLungBrigade.

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