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A few weeks back we sent out samples of the birthday cake flavor we've been working on. We received feedback from those of you who're picked to participate and now we're fine tuning the flavor, based on your suggestions! Now the next step we need your help on is to help shape the look of Tia's line. 

Below is a link to concepts we've put together for you to vote and provide feedback on. Please keep in mind these are rough drafts and just working concepts to give us a better idea of what to create for the final artwork, label design, etc. Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback!

Click here to begin

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Melinda - May 9, 2018

I love watching Tia….I can’t wait to try her flavor…..big hugs Tia….

Hamish Bowly - April 9, 2019

Love your work T

Hamish Bowly - April 9, 2019

Love your work T

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