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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.

10 Battery Safety Tips Every Vaper Should Know About

Source: Reddit user /u/leilalalafitz


 It blows my mind whenever I come across a photo like the one above. Many vapers from novice to "expert" are still unaware of just how careful they need to be when working with the batteries for their personal vaporizers. The fact is that when people get into vaping there's no way to make sure that they truly understand best vaping practices  and precautions. When another reddit user commented to /u/leilalafitz that she needed to keep her batteries in purse, she responded that she "didn't know" that batteries were supposed to kept in cases when not in use. It's understandable. But we need to spread vaping safety far and wide. So /u/leilalafitz, these top 10 battery safety tips are dedicated to you!

10 Battery Safety Tips Every Vaper Should Know About!

1. Buy A Battery Case, Actually Buy 10!

You can purchase these relatively inexpensive cases by the dozen from (give some away to other vapers, sharing is caring). They're small enough to keep in a pocket or in the side pouch of any purse or man bag. 9 times out of 10 batteries vent because people are keeping them in their pocket with loose change or car keys. Keeping them in a separate container will make sure you don't short your batteries in your favorite shorts. These cases are essential for every vaper to own and thats why they're numero uno on the list! 

2. Invest in Battery Wraps

Battery wraps are usually the first part of the battery to start showing wear. It is imperative to keep your battery wraps in like new condition to remove any risk of causing a short. You can use a heat gun to apply the wraps  and applying new wraps to batteries can be fun if you like to get creative with Sharpies!

3. Do Your Homework

Before buying any sort of new vaping device you should be able to conduct some of your own research. How many/what type of batteries are required for the mod you're looking at buying? If you have to keep the batteries married how are you going to keep track of them? What does marriage have to do with vaping? Answers to these questions are literally one google search away! We live in an amazing day and age, don't we folks?

4. If Your Device Uses More Than One Battery Use Married Pairs

Ok so this is one that requires a little bit of explaining. Basically you want your batteries to have the exact same charge and discharge rate to maximize the life of both batteries for your device. By keeping the two batteries on the same charge and discharge cycle you're ensuring that a new fresh battery isn't having to pick up all the slack for a tired old battery. Marrying is easy once you have a system. I put little stickers labeling my batteries as A,B and C. Labeling makes it easy to remember the order of which batteries are placed in each slot of my mod/charging bay. Make sense? Ok fine, read this!

5. Make Sure You're Buying Quality Batteries

Everyone knows about cloned mods but did you know that some companies actually clone batteries?! It can be tricky to determine if the batteries your buying are legit, but a simple look at the price tag should be a good indicator on whether or not you're getting the real thing. 


6. Always Let Your Batteries Fully Charge Before Use

I get it. You're trying to rush out the door and your charger is telling you those batteries are at a 4.1 instead of fully charged 4.2 but stop! You're going to shorten the life of those babies every single time you pull them off the charger in the middle of a charge cycle. Think about how you feel when you don't get enough sleep. Buy backups! Did you really think quitting smoking was gonna be cheap?

7. Keep Batteries And All Other Vape Related Things Away From Kids.

I can't stress how important it is for us as vapers to keep anything vape related away from our kids. Find a safe spot away from little hands (or irresponsible big hands too) and make sure everyone in the house understands that they are not to touch, look or even breath on. It's also a good idea to explain to kids that the batteries you use are not for their toys or science projects. They need to be made fully aware that these are not "normal" batteries. Just talk to your kids people.


8. Don't Leave Batteries In Your Car Or Any Extreme Temperature

This is a big one. Whether you like to keep an extra set in your vehicle or you live in the desert and are just going to run into Piggly Wiggly for some ice cream to cool off, DON'T DO IT! Batteries need to be kept in a cool, dry place when not in use. This is an easy one to forget too. While on vacation in South Carolina I left my bag with my backup batteries in my rental car. Luckily my wife remembered shortly after we got out of the vehicle and I ran back to grab them. That could've been a huge headache during our trip!

9. Only Charge Your Batteries When You Are Home And Alert.

While it my be part of you routine to throw your batteries on the charger before bed, you're actually running a huge risk. Any electronics left charging overnight is usually frowned upon but what's important to remember is that these batteries are very powerful and when one decides to vent it's the perfect source to start a house fire. I'm not writing this to scare anyone. These are just the facts. iPhones blow up all the time but no one ever hears about it. The fact is that reducing risk helps our industry/community to stay out of the headlines for fear mongering news sites to use against us. Which leads to my last tip!

10. Stay Informed And Educate Each other 

Staying up to date on vaping news, devices, safety and regulations is the sole responsibility of every person who decides to pick up vaping. There are a ton of vape related pages/groups on Facebook, Reddit and Google Plus. There's also a ton of vaping forums like with tons of users eager to help out total noobs. Vaping is an amazing creation that needs to stick around and become the new standard for anyone looking to enjoy nicotine without all the other garbage. Knowledge is power so spread your knowledge far and wide. 


Did I miss something? Share your favorite battery safety tips in the comments section below!


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