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WARNING: This Product Contains Tobacco-Free Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Tobacco-Free Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
FDA Responds To Vapor Lawsuits

FDA Responds To Vapor Lawsuits


Earlier this year the FDA released the final deeming regs which is already starting to cripple the vaping industry. Even though most of the new regulations won't take full effect for two years, vape shop owners and manufacturers everywhere are closing their doors to avoid jumping through all the hoops and paying the outrageous fees to stay in the market. 

It didn't take long for a few lawsuits to be filed against the FDA. At one point there were over nine groups with lawsuits filed. Several of the lawsuits were recently ordered to be consolidated by a federal judge. Nicopure labs and The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition are now fighting together under one umbrella and this is the FDA's 101 page response to the case.

If you don't have the time to read through this short novel here's how it reads:

  • They claim that e-liquid has dangerous compounds in it
  • Mods are exploding in people's faces
  • Nicotine is the most addicted substance known to man
  • The FDA has a lot of money to throw at lawsuits
  • The FDA can be extremely smug when it comes to dealing with the vaping industry

To those of us who have read (and lived) through all the vaping success stories, this response comes off as more of a fear mongering tactic and misinformation campaign for the general public to consume. There isn't really a whole lot of fact based information to justify such a harsh plan to wipe out an entire industry.

If this case does see the light of day in court, it's going to be an uphill battle for us just clearing up all the unjust claims that the FDA has made to the public. What are your thoughts on the FDA's response? Shoot us a comment below and let your voice be heard! 

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J. Arellano - August 19, 2016

I smoked for 15+ yrs and tried countless times to stop smoking. I could actually stop for up to 3 months sometimes but it was was never permanent and I would cheat by either requesting a cig or taking drags off a friends. I was introduced to vaping about 3 yrs ago and started to wheen myself off of cigarettes gradually. I didn’t start getting serious about stoping smoking till about 2 years and i have now been cigarette free for 1.5 yrs. No bumming cigarettes or even taking a single drag! No more smelling terrible, coughing up strange morsels, tasting smoke 24/7 or even giving in to triggers and buying cigarettes.

I started with 18mg and now I’m at 1.5mg and vape free for the last 6 months. Vaping saved my life and the FDA needs to stop being stupid.

Tim - August 19, 2016

I am yet another who smoked for over 25 years.. Tried multiple ways to quit and failed.. States vqping a little over a year ago at 18mg.. Now I fluctuat between 0 and 3mg.. Yep I can go days on zero nick no prob.. Used to have breathing issues, wake up coughing severely and of course Snelling like those nasty things was not a perk. When FDA released these BS rules I was extremely irritated and started doing all I could to help.. Even went and started a small Vape shop that opened August 12 to help educate and show people to not give up.. Don’t run with your talks between your legs we will in time surpass this obstacle that the FDA thinks will destroy us. IT WILL NOT WE WILL PULL THROUGH. Take care everyone .. Yours truly Tim proud owner Groovy Vapes Allegan , Mi

Aurianna Reigh - August 19, 2016

Started smoking when I was 10. Snitched from my Dads Camel shorts pack. 52 years later, I was a two packs a day smoker. Over the years I tried ever stop smoking idea out there, cold turkry, patches, gum, Welbutran, acupuncture, hypnosis; all failed. I discovered vaping on October 31, 2012, almost four years ago. Stopped cigarettes cold! Started at 24mg nicotine and am presently using a 3mg nicotine cut in half with 0mg. Vaping has literally saved my life.

This FDA ruling is BS, funded by tobacco corporation. Their horror stories are BS. Do we need a few rules, yes! But to so shut down an industry that helps people get off tobacco is wrong. My suggestion is to write your crooked representatives and Congress people and let them know how opposed you are to the FDA rulings. Don’t quit writting or calling, some may listen.

In the mean time, I’m investigating how to make my own vaping juice and stock piling heating coils!

Robert Perkins - August 19, 2016

I have been a social smoker and a constant smokeless tobacco user for over 10 nephew turned me on to vaping and I haven’t looked back since granted it’s only been 3 months so far but I’ve tried everything from the patch,pill,gum, nothing worked I used the equivalent of 30 cans of dip a month at one point I started vaping and worked my way down to 3 milligram nicotine and am on my way to 0 mg vaping saved my teeth my lungs and a lot of money that now goes to supporting my family even more versus supporting such a costly nasty habit

john brummitt - August 19, 2016

I had a heart attack Aug 23rd 2015 had to stints put in the Doctor said smoking cigarettes
caused my blockage. even though it was a small heart attack it scared me and as soon as i got out of the hospital i went to a vape shop bought a vape pen. i never smoked another cigarette been smoke free a year feel 110% better lost 38 pounds too Vaping saved my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan B - August 19, 2016

As soon as Vaping became more prevalent and user friendly they decide to launch this BS campaign against it. Shit laptop and cell phone batteries have been blowing up for years. You going to label all of them Tobacco Products too!? The whole thing reeks of lobbyist action and the influence of big business.

You’re getting greedy with your “vagaries” and I hope you pay for it.

Fact is, this all started when someone, somewhere, tried to Vape in a very public place, where smoking wasn’t even allowed. Next thing you know, you have bad science and rushed (flawed) laws trying to classify it as smoking and therefore hazardous. When by all logical definitions, it really isn’t smoking or inherently hazardous. Either to the person Vaping or the General Public. No more hazardous than the chemical stew we breath in while talking a walk down the sidewalk anyways.

Nicotine, the most addictive substance in the world… Yeah, right up there with Caffeine and Sugar! Don’t demonize one addiction and pander to the rest, it makes for a bad argument.

How many coffee joints do you know that don’t also sell sweets of some sort? Think about it! Don’t see the FDA or whoever trying to regulate that do you? I bet McD’s doesn’t hold a candle to the numbers coffee joints have served.

Anywho, it really bugs me that these… People… Were allowed to apply all this flawed logic and old laws, to something they were never intended to apply too. This; Oh it looks like smoking, so the same rules should apply BS, just doesn’t fly with me.

Dennis Nelson - August 19, 2016

My story is just like the others, Former smoker, started when I learned how steal them from the local store. Tried to quit several times as a adult, gum, patch , tooth picks, incarceration, you name it and I have tried it. 4 years ago I was smoking up to 3 packs a day, weazing, unable to keep up with my year old daughter. A friend of mine turned me on to his e-cig, and that was it, I got one the next day. I have been cigarette free for 4 plus years now. It worked so well that I started a vapor shop with the first thought in mine of helping others to quit smoking. After I started vaping, it took 6 months for my lungs to clear up, at one year my since of smell and taste came back. My daughter now turns 7 in October, and I caqn keep up with her energy all day long. “Screw Big Tobacco!” They never came to me asked me if they could help me quit to quit smoking nor did they offer to help or pay for it. Dennis Nelson Greelake Vapor Seattle Washington

Eric - August 18, 2016

Vaping got me off smoking now for 4years,now Owen a juice company ….so Vaping saves life let it go!!!!

Joshua S. - August 18, 2016

I work in a vape shop, and I’ve been vaping for 6 years. I’ve never had ANY SIDE EFFECTS from it. It contains harmful compounds? Then get rid of all soap and shampoos , get rid of lollipops, get rid of fog machines, and just about EVERYTHING ON THE HEALTH MARKET. Congratulations Food and drug administration. Not only did you just approve Oxycontin for 11 year olds ( way more addictive as it’s an opiate) but you’re killing an entire industry.

chad - August 18, 2016
I am 40 years old and i started smoking when I was 13 and I was up to 2 packs a day. 12 years ago i was diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer. Over the years I tried quit smoking many many times. I tried cold turkey, patches and gum none of them worked even after have 4 surgeries in 6 months to remove the cancer.3 years ago I was given an E-cigarette to try and I have not smoked since that day. Not only did i quit smoking but I have also drastically cut down on my nicotine intake. I started vaping e-liquid with 24mg nicotine and I have now cut my nicotine down to 3mg. With out vaping I would still be smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day and worrying not if but rather when would my cancer come back. There are many people like me out there who can honestly say vaping saved our lives.

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