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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
FDA Responds To Vapor Lawsuits - US Vape Co

FDA Responds To Vapor Lawsuits


Earlier this year the FDA released the final deeming regs which is already starting to cripple the vaping industry. Even though most of the new regulations won't take full effect for two years, vape shop owners and manufacturers everywhere are closing their doors to avoid jumping through all the hoops and paying the outrageous fees to stay in the market. 

It didn't take long for a few lawsuits to be filed against the FDA. At one point there were over nine groups with lawsuits filed. Several of the lawsuits were recently ordered to be consolidated by a federal judge. Nicopure labs and The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition are now fighting together under one umbrella and this is the FDA's 101 page response to the case.

If you don't have the time to read through this short novel here's how it reads:

  • They claim that e-liquid has dangerous compounds in it
  • Mods are exploding in people's faces
  • Nicotine is the most addicted substance known to man
  • The FDA has a lot of money to throw at lawsuits
  • The FDA can be extremely smug when it comes to dealing with the vaping industry

To those of us who have read (and lived) through all the vaping success stories, this response comes off as more of a fear mongering tactic and misinformation campaign for the general public to consume. There isn't really a whole lot of fact based information to justify such a harsh plan to wipe out an entire industry.

If this case does see the light of day in court, it's going to be an uphill battle for us just clearing up all the unjust claims that the FDA has made to the public. What are your thoughts on the FDA's response? Shoot us a comment below and let your voice be heard! 

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Alisha Vandiver - August 18, 2016

I smoked my first cigarette at 12. Continued to smoke occasionally to “look cool” through junior high. By 16 I was completely addicted and smoking at least a half a pack a day. I continued that habit until I was 25. I was overweight, terribly inactive, depressed, smoked heavily, couldn’t breath, and on top of all that I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 19. I was killing myself. In 2013 I switched to vaping after almost being forced to by my then boss & good friend, and also for my Poppy Phil who passrd away from lung cancer in March of 2013. It changed my life! I have been vaping since. I am 130 pounds instead of 190, I can taste things, I can go on walks and actually enjoy it, I’ve gone hiking, my diabetes is under control, I can breath, and I am happy! The FDA wants to kill an industry that has changed my life and millions of others lives FOR THE BETTER! They want to lump us in with cigarettes. & they are taking away my freedom of speech.

This is the last time I can tell you the truth…


Erica Daddio - August 18, 2016

Vaping has SAVED MY LIFE. I was a smoker for 24 years and I just quit smoking July 1st. I’m so thankful for this industry.

Stephen - August 18, 2016

I have been vaping since 2009. I started vaping to get myself off Nicorette gum and to keep myself from smoking while drinking (I know my situation is odd). Anyway, I started vaping full time about a year ago. My first so called mod was a JoyeTech eGrip. I’ve upgraded since then. I absolutely love it! I even got my wife to switch from cigs to vaping with no problem! She did it on her first try! It’s a shame FDA is destroying something that is saving lives. Everything these days seems upside down. This is government at its best, folks. Just goes to show you your votes do count. We need to vote someone into office that will clear out the FDA and reduce them down to the size of a pea.

Ellen Pierce - August 18, 2016

I was a 50+ year smoker . One to two packs occasionally. Told to quit many times due to high blood pressure. 2008 had a stroke which I fought back from but still have some effects. Took Chantix but went back to smoking . 2010 dx: Breast Cancer . Chemo and Radiation followed . In 2013 was introduced to vaping. In three months I was cigarette free . The FDA is so out of line with their argument it is rediculous. There is not one Safe combustible pack of cigarettes in existence. All lithium ion batteries have the ability to malfunction . Even the ones that light sneakers that children wear when left in a auto when it’s hot outside . I have four mods and have not had a issue . They all have explicit instructions that tell how to use them . E juice also has the same warning as cigarette packs . I agree with New Zealand ‘s and the UK . My lungs are clear per my Oncologist. I talk to other people who are my age with repertory problems who refuse to try a Vape device . What I can’ t understand is , how the FDA can ignore the studies that have been done in other countries . The proof is in their face .

Jeff Farley - August 18, 2016

I am 41 years old. And have been a smoker for 23 years. I laid the cigarettes down on November 1, 2015. I have been a full fledge vaper since then. All the negative light put on Vaping is caused by tobacco. Look at the millions of dollars of profit they are loosing.

Trevor - August 18, 2016

I started smoking when I was 12. Tried quitting a few times, and made it 6 months on my longest stretch. I dropped cigarettes, started chewing when I went into the military, and started smoking again immediately after I got out. Breathing got harder, and I got less and less active. Eventually, a good friend gave me some vaping gear, and I immediately saw an improvement in my day-to-day living. I’m proud to say I’ve been tobacco free for 2 years. Not bad for consumption spanning more than a decade.

I have a background in chemistry, and make my own juice. I enjoy the fact that I can read the chemical breakdown of the ingredients I’m buying, and choose the safest ingredients available. I’m not convinced vaping is 100% safe, but it is the safest, most effective method I have found to cope with nicotine addiction.

I don’t wholeheartedly disagree with some regulation, but there are better ways to approach it than the way the FDA chose.

Warning labels and taxes would be a good way to offset first timers, and healthcare costs of nicotine.
Requiring certification/education for people to build and alter mods/coils would boost safety, and as an added bonus, economic growth.

I’m not sure where this issue will leave us, but I’m very concerned it’s going in the wrong direction. Just my two cents.

Josh - August 18, 2016

I have smoked ciggerettes since i was ten years old and ibam now 27 i tryed to quite maltiple times with the gum the patches and all different kinds of meds. The only thing that has worked for me has been vaping. Since vaping i have been able to breath better i no longer have problems with astma. I can taste things again an i am saving money also. Not to mention the biggest thing of all is my house is now smoke free for my kids they dont have to smell smoke or breathe in second hand smoke or be tempted wheb they get older to smoke cigarettes an steal them like i did from my parents. Even though vaping still has the nicotine it is a safer an better alturnitive then cigerrettes. And the vape shop are good to have because the fda wants to say shit bout mods blowing up well that is because people were nit informed on how to use their mods which is why vape shops are good to have. Vaping saves lives no matter wat they say. And yes nicotine is addictive but so is alcohol,coffee,pain pills, tv, sex, diet pills, an all other drugs but fda approved all that.

Frank Stewart - August 18, 2016

I was a heavy smoker (2 packs a day at the end) for thirty six years. I tried everything to quit: cold turkey, Chantix, Wellbutrin, hypnosis, ear stapling,you name it. Nothing worked. Until vaping. I haven’t had a cigarette in 425 days (yes, it means enough to me that I keep track with an app). Vaping SAVED MY LIFE. The FDA is getting it completely ASS BACKWARDS here. I have enough equipment, knowledge, contacts, and DIY materials that I can continue to vape for however long I choose. It’s CRIMINAL, though, that cigarette smokers coming up behind me won’t have vaping as a method to quit. The FDA might as well just be holding a gun to their heads. Shame.

Tonya - August 18, 2016

I was a smoker for 27 years. I was constantly sick with sinus infections and other health issues. I have been smoke free for 4 months thanks to vaping. I can say I feel so much better and I can actually breath now. I think what the FDA is doing is wrong. The big cigarette company’s are just pissed because people want to live and not smoke anymore. They want to make people sick so the big Pharmaceutical companies make their money.

Cheryl Gibson - August 18, 2016

I have been vaping for 3 years and off nasty cigarettes since the day my Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I have not smoked one cigarette since that very day. The smell of cigarettes is HORRIBLE. I AM PROOF YOU CAN QUIT. changed my life 100%. I feel so much better. I do believe that these little shops that mix their own liquid is not safe (although it IS safer than cigarettes) I personally don’t trust what may be in there but that is totally my belief. I do know the FDA needs to be more worried about getting cigarettes with all the chemicals regulated and leave the vaping community alone! They need to worry about bigger fish than the vaping community. Why are vitamins not regulated? Really?

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