February Giveaway - CONTEST OVER

February Giveaway
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Kerry Hutnick - February 26, 2018

I am super excited about this contest! I never was a make up wearer but due to the fact that my old man thinks he is a smartie pants and doesn’t want me to wear it makes me want to wear it and win it even more so! His refusal to pamper me and such just irritates me so the idea of being pampered really excites me! Thanks so kindly for this chance and for allowing me to dream at the very least! :)

Ramon Tapawan - February 17, 2018

Yeah it rocks, my mom will love those make ups (im allergic to it) hahahaha. Thanks for the xhot, for the chance.

Jennifer Batchelor - February 16, 2018

Banzai Rocks! Good Luck #VapeFam! #VapeFamFun <3 Psst, guys – enter to bank love points, Vape trade, etc!

Samantha - February 13, 2018

Love this giveaway hopefully get to win the 1st prize wish everyone good luck my loves?

Jennifer Kimbrell - February 13, 2018

This is the best of both worlds. I think here and Ulta are the 2 places I shop most.

Donna Stump - February 12, 2018

This would be a wonderful package to win! I love makeup but I’ve never tried any of these products before!
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win the makeup and the awesome gift cards too!

Gricelda Castro - February 10, 2018

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

Erin Prinz - February 7, 2018

This is so great!! This giveaway is everything you could ever want!!!!

Heather Nelms - February 4, 2018

I would love to win this but would be happy for anyone to get the chance to get any of these products!!!! ?wishing to win!!!

Marie Antonette Ladines - February 3, 2018

Thank you for your Kindness and Generosity! Pls let me win the Grand Prize Giveaway
It can help me! I’ll be making make-up tutorials I’m just doing this for my Family! Cause They Are so Important to me We don’t have enough money for Our needs! So I will help My Family! Hoping You’ll understand me (This is my real comment not the other one cause too many “?!?!?!??”)

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