March Giveaway - CONTEST OVER

Home Run Giveaway
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Christina Friesen - March 21, 2018

I would go to an Angels game. I have been a FOREVER FAN !!!!

Jason Longhi - March 20, 2018

New to vaping and trying to quit smoking with 3 grown kids hard to afford this habit to start out so hoping to win some juice would be very nice still have not found my flavor yet….. gets discouraging for sure good luck to all !

Melissa G. - March 19, 2018

What an awesome giveaway!!! I would love to take my son to an Atlanta Braves game!! And a $100 shopping spree from Banzai wouldn’t be too bad either!! Thanks for the chance!

Marla - March 9, 2018

I have never won anything and I’m old. Let’s say over 60. I haven’t given up hope. I am disabled, so I am home bound and order online.

Michelle - March 8, 2018

I thought this was supposed to be a question LOL. Either way I want to thank Banzai for giving us a chance to win…Go Cleveland Indians! I hope they have a great year!

Kerry Hutnick - March 6, 2018

I would so enjoy this! I would love to take my honey out to the ball game, take him out to the crowd, I want to buy him some peanuts and cracker jacks, and I won’t care if we ever get back. And we can root, root for the home team!!! And if they don’t win it’s a shame, for it’s 1,2,3 strikes you’re out at the old ball game ;) xoxo <3 Banzai!!

Jenifer - March 2, 2018

Honestly more excited about this contest than last months. xD Which is crazy even for me to hear myself say. xDD

Tina Roberts - March 2, 2018

I haven’t been to a ball game in 20 years. It sounds like fun.

Sandi McGinnis - March 2, 2018

I love MLB!,and my team is the Baltimore Orioles!I also love BanZai

Phillip Johns - March 2, 2018

Would love to go to another game .Went and watched Blue Jays vs The Brewers way back in 1997 in Toronto .But as am in New Zealand it will kinda be difficult lol

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